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Engineering Consult

This is the best-suited option if you understand your product and its manufacturing process well, or you're kicking off a new project that has some technical uncertainties you'd like to consult with an engineer on.
Maybe there are cost constraints and you're looking for better/cheaper/local components, or just looking for a sanity check for your project's targets or product functions. 

Contact us to book a digital or in-person meeting and we'll go over your challenges.

(Complete Project Design Service)CEM Contract Manufacturing

If you intended to start a project but didn't have the time or complete understanding of the hardware fabrication and sourcing process, Contract Manufacturing could be a well-suited option for your project.

We'll work with you to collect your requirements which will allow us to provide you with quotations, then if you proceed we will either work independently or collaboratively with you in feedback rounds to reach project milestones such as proof of concept, prototype, and final product. 

ODM Design Manufacturing

Provide us with any existing designs for a product to build and we'll fill in the blanks, fabricate, program, test, and deliver the ready-to-go product for sale by you.

We can accommodate PCB Fabrication and assembly, CNC milling, laser cutting and 3D printing in-house or through our fabrication partners.

Pricing Plan

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Engineering Consult


/ Per 0.25 Hour
(equivalent to an Intl. Long Distance Call to Greenland)

  • 20% discount for WingZ business barter community
  • Engineering Advice
  • Follow-up email with meeting minutes
Contact for Consultation

CEM Example


To Proof of Concept or other target milestone

  • 20% discount for WingZ business Barter Community
  • Project Discovery Consultation
  • Free support
  • Creation of Engineering Files (Schematics/Drawings/CAD Files)
  • 1-3 feedback rounds to iterate towards proof of concept or prototype
  • low-volume Manufacturable Prototype
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ODM example


To target volume

  • 20% discount for WingZ business Barter Community
  • 2-100 unit small volume production run
  • Client provides design files for fabrication
  • Material + Assembly labor quote
  • Extra assembly features (programming, sub-assembly, full assembly)
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