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We have over 7+ Years of Experiences

Designing, Consulting, Making, Inventing, Teaching

By combining our skill set, scientific equipment, and knowledge we are able to provide quality services to our clients and students.  We excel in communicating all the posibilites available to you for your project needs along with the extensive research that accompanies our expertise.  As we continue to expand and grow, we hope to inspire many inventors and technologist to create a community where we can collaborate on projects and add skills to your learning tool kit

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Our Services

Electronics Project development 

Whether you need it hardwired, plugged into a wall outlet, or battery-powered, we will design the sub-assembly and power stage that best suits your needs, along with the design, programming, and use of sensors to make your project unique.


Talk to us about your project or problem and get straight advice.  See our current rates on our services page.

Low-volume manufacturing

If you have a product or design that you need fabricated at low volume, we are set up to accommodate as low as 1 - 2 units. Larger volumes over 100 can be accommodated with the help of our manufacturing partners.

How Our Consulting  Works


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Have an idea or product that needs attention?

It starts with your ideas and passion projects.  Finding the best possible outcome for your needs is what we do!   


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Book a consultation

Look through our services to see what's right for you. Once everything is clear, chat with us or fill out a contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Get Results 

With our help, you get results in a timely fashion. We provide the research, timelines, and end products. Providing you with quality work to the very end.